Dispute Resolution Processes

Richard Hurford Dispute Resolution Services, P.C. utilizes SMART™ conflict management and dispute resolution principles to assist people and organizations achieve critically important goals and objectives – both before a conflict arises or after. 

We employ and help implement various tools and mechanisms, including:

  • Mandatory pre-dispute resolution agreements and tailored contract language 
  •  Risk allocation provisions including insurance and indemnification clauses
  • Agreed upon quality control processes and measurements
  • Timely “meet-and-confer provisions” and real-time mediation
  • Dispute resolution boards, advisors, and ombudspersons
  • Post-dispute mediation
  • Various mediation-arbitration and summary jury trial hybrids
  • Traditional litigation or arbitration (if necessary)

Because disputes are not “boilerplate,” you shouldn’t rely upon template or formulaic processes to resolve them.  By leveraging our experience, knowledge, and creativity in applying SMART™ processes, we will help you select and implement of the most appropriate dispute resolution techniques, and will start you along the path to becoming a “dispute wise” organization.

Interviews with hundreds of top executives across a number of companies and industries show that “dispute-wise” companies:

  • Embrace a portfolio approach to disputes, measuring “winning” by how well they manage over time the total economic and non-economic impact of the disputes they encounter
  • Having a willingness to take a more global view of the full spectrum their disputes
  • Addressing each dispute in relation to others in the portfolio with an overall goal of minimizing risk, cost, time spent, and resources expended, while preserving important business relationships

To learn more about the SMART™ system, cost effective dispute resolution techniques, and other aspects of ADR, we offer a library of articles and whitepapers below and throughout our website.  

Whether you’re dealing with a current or anticipated dispute, or need to analyze your company’s conflict management and dispute resolution protocols, please give us a call today.