We strive to be the consummate dispute resolution resource to the legal community in Michigan and across the country, which we achieve not only through the services we offer and the results we effectuate, but also with the knowledge and insights we gladly share.

Richard Hurford Dispute Resolution Services possesses the background and expertise to achieve imaginative and meaningful outcomes, advising clients on:

  • The most appropriate ADR methodologies
  • Conflict management and application of SMART™ dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Process improvement techniques to streamline law firm and legal department operations that enhance competitive advantage
  • Protocols for conducting timely and strategic internal investigations

We assist you in making informed decisions for selecting a value-added ADR process, framing issues that your clients confront, and achieving to the right value-added solutions.

We invite you to explore our website and take advantage of the many tools we offer, tools honed from decades of experience and proven success:



    • The “Taxonomy on ADR” contains a brief overview of some of the more popular ADR methodologies as well as tried and tested techniques for successfully resolving disputes. 
    • The article on “How to Maximize the Potential for a Successful Mediation” contains an overview of 10 tips shown to work in a variety of contexts.
    • The “Dispute Advisory Questionnaire” is a powerful outline that will help you determine the most appropriate ADR path to meet your strategic dispute resolution needs.  
    • Materials related to Process Improvement for Legal Departments and Law Firms offer valuable information that can be tailored and segmented to meet your particular and unique organizational needs.  
    • The “Checklist for Conducting Internal Investigations” provides decision-makers with a tool to evaluate the specific steps that should be considered when conducting a targeted investigation.